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About Us


The Founding

Dynamo FC Saint Cloud was founded in the spring of 2017 by current Co-head Coaches Eduardo Silva and Ed Johnson.

The club's name, Dynamo, was based off of Central Minnesota's granite industry that was fueled by the power of electric generators (also known as dynamos). 

The club's colors were then chosen as gold represented electricity, and black and white offered contrast which brought the color scheme together.


Developing Local Talent

DFCSTC gives the opportunity to local talent to play at a high level that challenges players to be smart, skilled, and physical.

Our players represent the St. Cloud area in its entirety. Players are representative of our local diversity as well as the high schools they come from. Many play college, high school, or club soccer outside of Dynamo and all live for the beautiful game.

It is truly a football club in which our community can enjoy together as it is one made within our own community.


The Vision

Our vision is to bring the community of the St. Cloud area together through the beautiful game.

The visions of this club are also to play at the highest level possible. Currently, Dynamo is looking to slowly grow through the MASL, but in the future are looking to become apart of a regional or national league that fits the club.

Want to Become Involved?

As a Player?

Email us with highlights, club experience, and any questions that you may have.

We  may set up a trial period.

Email us at: dfcstc@gmail.com 

As a Coach?

We are are always looking for extra help in developing our players. If you are interested in coaching, let us know.

Email us at: dfcstc@gmail.com

As a Fan?

Follow us on all of our social media. We post updates constantly about the happenings of the club.




As a Sponsor?

Dynamo FC has active social media accounts that can be advertised on. We have a great following on them that is local and statewide.

Email us at: dfcstc@gmail.com

As Management?

If you feel you have something to offer to the club. Please contact us. We are always looking for help, and new things to do and try.

Email us at: dfcstc@gmail.com

Contact Us

Dynamo FC

St. Cloud, MN

Dfcstc@gmail.com (320) 260-6537