What to Expect in 2020

Dynamo FC plays in the MASL (Minnesota Amateur Soccer League) which is an established elite amateur league. Matches are currently free to attend, and we have plenty of them. The MASL season consists of 18 matches (one home, one away against the other 9 teams in the division). We also play in the two cup competitions that the league offers: the Minnesota Cup (MASL D1-D4) and Wilson Cup (MASL D2-D4). In addition, friendlies are regularly scheduled at the start of the season against other local clubs.

Dynamo FC Saint Cloud will be playing league matches in Division 1 of the MASL, and the second team, Dynamo FC'18, will play their matches in Division 3. The 2020 season marks the first time a team from Central Minnesota has played in Division 1 of the MASL.

Whitney Park, Field 12

Dynamo FC plays most of our home matches at Whitney Park in St. Cloud. The field we play  on is located on the northeast side. Matches are free to attend, and there is plenty of parking space. There are a set of bleachers to sit on, but we'd recommend bringing chairs in case the bleachers are full.

Our other home venue is the College of Saint Benedict.

Live Standings

Keep up to date with schedule changes and standings on the MASL's official website.

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